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Magnesium+ with extra synergy from zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D and copper.


Magnesium+ is a combination product that gives you extra synergy with extra vitamin B6 added, with increased absorption of magnesium, as well as zinc, vitamin D3 and copper.

This product is carefully put together to give you the best health effects and can be safely used with your regular diet and also taken with other health products.

Bigger capacity and more energy

Both vitamin B6 and magnesium help reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Adequate intake of these nutrients also affects brain health and thus contributes to a more balanced and generally healthier level of activity.

For people with emotional challenges and stress, this product is very good, since Vitamin B6 and magnesium have positive effects on the brain's normal psychological functions.

In short, magnesium+ is an excellent supplement to support the brain and nervous system.

Beautiful and fresh skin

Zinc helps preserve healthy skin and supports the cell division process, helping to maintain normal, healthy skin. In addition, zinc helps maintain normal healthy nails and hair.

Copper is central to contributing to normal skin pigmentation. Magnesium is important for our teeth, which reinforces the balancing effects of Magnesium+ for "beauty health".

Suitable for both athletes and exercise enthusiasts

Magnesium+ is an important dietary supplement for both active athletes and exercise enthusiasts. Zinc contributes to normal testosterone levels in the blood, and magnesium promotes the normal functions of the muscles.

Copper, zinc and vitamin D maintain the normal functions of the immune system, which is important for those who exercise regularly, to help avoid unnecessary training breaks before and during an active season.

Weight Management Help

For those who want to lose weight, it is important to get adequate vitamins and minerals. This can often be a challenge if you go on special diets. Magnesium+ is therefore suitable as a healthy weight loss aid.

Zinc helps with a normal turnover of macronutrients and contributes to a normal protein synthesis. In practice, protein synthesis is muscle growth, or a healthy development of muscle after a workout. Well functioning muscles in turn increase the daily energy consumption of calories, which in turn burns excess fat faster.

If you have an upset stomach due to a magnesium product, this is a sign that you are getting too much magnesium. It is then recommended to reduce the intake of magnesium.

Try Magnesium+

Only €19.95 for 10 months supply!

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Tablet contains

Magnesium300 mg
Zinc5 mg
Vitamin B60.7 mg
Vitamin D5 µg
Copper0.5 mg

Proven quality

All our products undergo strict quality control. We focus on transparency and we want all product information to be accessible. The factories that produce our products are selected according to our strict requirements.

All our nutrients are analyzed before they are put into production. Each batch undergoes rigorous quality control in a laboratory before they are sent to our cutsomers.

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