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Crystal Mind™ for a healthy mind and a healthy brain

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Crystal Mind™ is the result of many years of research in nutrition science for optimal brain health and function.

Crystal Mind ™ has been developed by Norwegian and international experts and researchers to contribute to the normal functions of the brain. When one or more nutritional deficiencies are corrected, both body and brain will work better.

Crystal Mind is a pioneering product for optimal brain function, suitable for people of all ages.

Crystal Mind is based on Crystal Oil ™ - a gently fractionated and cold-filtered fish oil especially rich in Omega-3 fatty acid EPA.

In addition, Crystal Mind ™ contains important vitamins and minerals that both help maintain the normal functions of the brain, which are directly and indirectly important to how our body utilizes these important Omega-3 fatty acids, and especially Omega-3 EPA.

The vitamins and minerals in Crystal Mind ™ are also important for our brain function. Therefore, you will also find Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folate, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D and GLA from Borage Oil included in Crystal Mind ™.

These are important nutrients for your cognitive functions, regardless of age.

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Content per 2 capsules

Fish Oil (Crystal Oil)807 mg
Omega-3363 mg
EPA250 mg
DHA40 mg
Borage Oil105 mg
GLA21 mg
Magnesium37.5 mg
Zinc4 mg
Vitamin B61.34 mg
Folate100 µg
Vitamin D35 µg
Vitamin B122.5 µg

Proven quality

All our products undergo strict quality control. We focus on transparency and we want all product information to be accessible. The factories that produce our products are selected according to our strict requirements.

All our nutrients are analyzed before they are put into production. Each batch undergoes rigorous quality control in a laboratory before they are sent to our cutsomers.

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